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The NDS has a range of items for sale. These include books ( shown below ), judging rings, medals, polo shirts, fleeces.  To see the full list with current prices please click on the shopping basket. shopping basket
NDS Books    
NDS Classified Directory & Judging Rules.  ( 33nd edition  2017)
The 2017 Classified Directory will be valid from 1st January 2018.  It contains all the current cultivars their colours and raisers, the judging rules and ideals, list of Judges and affiliated societies. 

It is free to new members.

  The Dahlia Finder is a new booklet that has been put together by David Brown.  It contains over 2,300 individual Dahlias available from 29 nurseries.
£3.00 P&P
Raising dahlias from seed booklet Raising Dahlias from Seed is an Ivor Kitchener full colour booklet which takes the reader through the aspects of crossing dahlias, selecting seed parents and pollen bearers. images.  Then saving the seed, sowing in the spring, growing on, selecting and naming your favourites. £3.00
Growing Dahlias for Gardden & Show  How to Grow Dahlias for the Garden and for Showing is an Ivor Kitchener full colour booklet which takes the reader through the procedures that lead either to a garden full of eye catching colourful dahlias or the production of top prize winning exhibition dahlias.  £3.00
Science of staging dahlias book The Art and Science of Staging highlights the treatment you give your blooms when you get them to the show and how to present them to best effect.  It also covers the use of flower foam and newspaper as packing mediums both in words and full colour pictures. £3.00
Dahlias for You book Dahlias For You, by Ted Collins, is a hard cover NDS publication.  The 95 full colour pages, contain many modern digital pictures of Dahlia cultivation and a wide selection of types and how to deal with them.  There is of course, detailed information on how to grow and show dahlias and also a complete guide for those who just want them for garden, patio, window box or for flower arrangements.  There is also a cultivation calendar full of the year's activities, and a guide to some of the pests and diseases that can affect the Dahlia. All-in-all the best book Ted has written to date. £5.00
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