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Join the National Dahlia Society today!  
border dahlias with dark foliage   Dahlias are an under-rated garden plant, but that is all set to change with the biggest shift in gardening trends for years.  Breeders and growers are busy behind the scenes raising the next generation of dahlias for for home gardeners, patio enthusiasts and even house plant lovers. How to Join NDS picture  
In the picture above are dahlias with dark foliage, bred for borders and hanging baskets.  The grower, Aad Verwer in Holland, has spent 20 years breeding this type of dahlia.   Get involved with this revival by joining the National Dahlia Society and be sure you're among the first to hear the news.  It is the world's largest all-dahlia society, with giant exhibitions annually and a huge information bank of dahlia knowledge.  
When you join, you'll get to enjoy:        Annual Membership rates ( incl VAT) for Year ending 31st October 2019    
●  2 Bulletins throughout the year        Members £15.00  
●  Dahlia News        Members (65 & 0ver) £13.00  
●  Advice on Dahlia cultivation        Joint membership £16.50  
●  Show dates        Joint OAP membership £14.00  
●  How to raise your own varieties        Junior members (under 18) free  
●  a Bonus book - 'Dahlias for You'        Life members £170.00  
       Joint life members £195.00  
●  A Classified directory - with top recommendations for the best varieties to choose and a reduction in entry fees for our two national shows.        Student members (18 - 25) £6.50  
       Overseas member (Europe) £20.00
        Overseas member (RoW) £25.00  
       Affiliated society membership £15.00
    click here to see application form
    click here to e-mail June Nash with an enquiry      
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